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The warranty period for an item begins when it is received by the first end user. An item may consist of several different parts that are covered by different warranty periods.

The various warranty periods include: 12 months for mobile devices, excluding consumables and accessories . 6 months for consumables, remanufactured items and accessories including batteries, chargers, desktop stands, headsets, cables and covers . 90 days of media on which the software is provided, such as CD-ROMs and memory cards .

To the extent permitted by law, the warranty period is not transferable for extension, renewal, or subsequent resale, repair, or replacement of the item. However, unless sold through a certified ismartphones .jp wholesale channel. The longer of the original warranty period or 60 days from the repair date .


If a replacement handset is provided, it will be of the same make and model whenever possible. If you cannot exchange an item of the same make and model, ismartphones.jp reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exchange the item for a functionally equivalent item. If a product becomes unavailable, it may be replaced with a similar product up to the same value. This value is determined by the latest retail price of ismartphone.jp before replacement . Exchanges cannot be exchanged for cash. The warranty on the original item will be transferred to the item offered as a replacement. This warranty cannot be extended or renewed in any way. The warranty period is not extended and will expire on the same date as the original warranty item’s warranty expiration date.

Not covered by limited warranty

This Limited Warranty is whether you have obtained or downloaded the User Manual or third-party software, settings, content, data, or links in installments, assemblies, in transit, or at any other time in the delivery chain, or otherwise. Does not apply to.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Repairers do not guarantee that the manufacturer’s software will: Used in combination with third-party hardware or software applications, or the software is uninterrupted or error-free.

The warranty does not apply to: Normal wear (including, but not limited to, camera lens, battery, or display wear). Shipping costs unless specified in the warranty option. Defects caused by rough handling. This includes, but is not limited to, defects caused by sharp objects, bending, compression, or dropping. Defects or damage caused by misuse of the item, including use contrary to the instructions provided by the manufacturer (as described in the item’s user guide). Other actions beyond the rational control of ismartphones.jp

This Limited Warranty is used for purposes other than intended, connected to, or used with products, accessories, software, and / or services for which the item is not manufactured, supplied, or approved by ismartphones.jp . Use does not cover alleged or alleged defects. Defects are often caused by viruses due to unauthorized access to services, other accounts, computer systems, or networks. This unauthorized access can be done by hacking, password mining, and various other means.

This limited warranty does not cover defects if the battery is short-circuited or if the battery enclosure or cell seal is damaged and there is evidence of tampering. In addition, the limited warranty does not cover defects if the battery is used with an item other than the one specified.

This limited warranty does not apply if the item is opened, modified, repaired, or repaired using unauthorized spare parts by anyone other than an authorized service center. In addition, the Limited Warranty does not apply if the item’s serial number, mobile accessory date code, or IMEI number is somehow deleted, erased, soiled, altered, or illegible. This is at the sole discretion of ismartphones.jp and the repair shop.

This limited warranty does not apply if the item is exposed to: Humidity ; Extreme temperature or environmental conditions ; Rapidly changing heat or environmental conditions ; Corrosion ; Oxidation ; Food or liquid spills, or ; Effects from chemical products.

Use of non-standard Subscriber ID Module ( SIM ):

A SIM or SIM card is a small electronic card issued by a telecommunications network that allows customers to connect and use it on their mobile network. Using a non-standard or SIM card that is not specifically issued by the customer’s subscribed network can damage the phone. Using a SIM that is not specifically and officially issued by the network operator to which the customer subscribes will immediately void all warranty provided by the handset and eliminate any valid warranty of any kind on the handset.

This includes copied SIMs , dual or multi- SIM modules, SIM adapters / carriers. Similarly, using a micro-SIM in a standard size SIM slot (with or without an adapter or carrier module) has the same effect of immediately invalidating all warranty provided by the handset, which is valid for the handset. No warranty of any kind.

After the customer submits a warranty claim through our website, our warranty team will advise you on detailed instructions, including the return address. It is your responsibility to use the proper shipping method (preferably with tracking). Customers shipping goods internationally must inquire and comply with local customs and courier advice regarding filing.

Return Policy
All orders include a 30- day free return policy. For unshipped or unopened items, you can request a full refund or exchange (excluding shipping, if applicable). The item must be returned to the specified address.

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