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Swipe 5G
is compatible Network 5G. Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 855. AMOLED screen Full screen 6,39 inches. Dual camera rear flagship

Network Pioneer 5G 2Gbps + Download Speed
the mainstay of Xiaomi, My MIX 3 5G Technology 5G has evolved further. In addition, Xiaomi is one of the first companies to launch a smartphone 5G in the hands of consumers, test it and discover its benefits.

My MIX 3 Network 5G is implemented by the major telecommunications operators.
With My MIX 3 5G and 5G plans, you can connect to your network 5G wherever coverage is supported. If 5G is not available in your area, My MIX 3 5G can connect to 4G, 3G, or 2G in that area, depending on the signals available, and reconnect to 5G anytime, anywhere. To see if you have 5G in your area, simply visit your carrier’s website for updates and new announcements.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 855, the flagship of the processor
Compatible with the Mobile Experience 5G. Enjoy the world first with unprecedented speed. 7nm process with a new core of stable performance and improved AI capabilities.

Screen full screen slider. Continue innovation with full display.
My MIX 3 exceeds the full screen limit and the screen ratio is 93.4%. The front of the phone looks almost like a display because the dual cameras are hidden. This is possible because the sliding magnets on the body remain intact after 300,000 open tests.

A new era of full screen display.
Slide into the future. Swipe to see the time. Slide to start recording. Slide and reply to the message. Customize the features of your body slides. Slide to open the selected app.

Make pottery of various colors. Art at your fingertips.
My MIX 3 5G is a compliment to elegance. The curved body made of ceramic comes in three different colors. Black onyx is a more classic style. Sapphire blue reminiscent of traditional art and green jade that is so sophisticated as no other. In this new era, it is clear that the work of art has been created so that it can be carried with you.

Use AI to finish photos.
His ability to accurately analyze the depth of objects in a scene allows him to blur optics in real time to more easily capture all the beauty of a landscape.

Front camera 24 + 2 MP
Video with blurred background in real time

IA Scene Detection
12 Category Scenes

Enjoy your studio in the IA Studio Lighting Pocket

Blurring the background of blur dreams using dynamic AI

Real-time video
Trackeo intelligent face with IA mode and beauty

AI-based effect makeup
Instant beauty in nature

bright and bright eyes

Light-sensitive dual camera with 12 + 12 MP rear camera IA

Optimized for 27 scenarios of IA scene detection

Night mode
Night shooting manual

Super slow motion video 960 fps Relive
every moment with every detail

Supports network 5G
2Gbps + download speed

7 nm process with improved Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 855 IA capabilities

Screen body ratio 93.4% *
Full screen 6,39 inches. Virtually all screens

A new way to operate body sliding magnetic screen

Super slow motion 960 fps
taking amazing moments photos

Front camera 24 + 2 MP
Video with blurred background in real time

Light-sensitive dual camera with 12 + 12 MP rear camera IA

Battery 3800 mAh (standard)
Charger including 9V / 2A

Mobile operating system Android
Version Mobile OS 10 pies
Color number (M) 16.7 Millon
Screen size 6.39 inches
Imaging technology Amold
Screen resolution 1080 x 2340 pixels (FHD +)
Processor type Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Processor core 8
GPU Qualcomm Adreno 640
Processor speed 2.84 GHz
Capacity RAM 6 GB
internal 128 GB
2G connection CDMA BC0(800)、B2(1900)、B3(1800)、B5(850)、B8(900)
3G connection B1(2100)、B2(1900)、B4(1700/2100 AWS A-F)、B5(850)、B8(900)、B34(TD 2000)、B39(TD 1900 +)
4G connection B1(2100)、B2(1900)、B3(1800)、B4(1700/2100 AWS 1)、B5(850)、B7(2600)、B8(900)、B20(800)、B28(700 )、B34(TDD 2100)、B38(TDD 2600)、B39(TDD 1900)、B40(TDD 2300)、B41(TDD 2500)
Connection5G B78 (3500)
Connection AGPS / SW navigation if
Bluetooth connection v5.0、Bluetooth HID
NFC connection Yes
WiFi connection 802.11a、802.11ac、802.11b、802.11g、802.11n、802.11n 5GHz
WiFi Direct Yes
Dual SIM No
card reader No
Resolution rear camera 24 Mpx
approach automatic
Resolution front camera 24.8 Mpx
Accelerometer Yes
gyro Yes
Magnetometer Yes
Proximity Yes
Light sensor Yes
barometer No
thermometer No
Moisture No
Pedometer Yes
Heart rate monitor No
Fingerprint sensor Yes
Playback format MP4、M4V、3GP、3G2、WMV、ASF、AVI、FLV、MKV、WEBM
zoom Digital
Battery is removable No
capacity 3800 mAh
type Where lithium
Physical specifications
Width (mm) 74.7
Height (mm) 157.9
Depth (mm) 8.5
Body material Cerámica, metal
body weight 218
color green

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送料は1500円からですが、複数の商品を選択した場合や遠隔地での配送の場合、送料が変動する場合がございます。 ショッピングカートで、正確な配送見積もりの郵便番号を入力できます。

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セキュリティ: 私たちとの取引中に、あなたはあなたの個人情報を共有する必要があります、そして私たちはあなたにどんな状況においても私たちが第三者と同じものを共有しないことを保証することを約束します。 お客様のデータを保護するために、高品質の電子機器とソフトウェアデバイスを設置しています。ショッピングカートはすべての品質基準を満たしているため、お客様はお好みのアイテムを安全に購入できます。

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